Add My Computer to Quick Launch Bar
by Dale Cockle, Oct 12 , 2006

How to create a System Shortcut to My Computer in WinXP's and Win2000's  Quick Launch Bar:

Here's a small project that will exercise several skills and produce a very useful result.

If one creates a folder with a 'special' name in that user's Quick Launch folder, a System Shortcut icon for My Computer appears in the Quick Launch bar. The path to that folder as well as the 'special' name it must be given are shown below:

Folder name to create a system Shortcut for My Computer:
My Computer.{20D04FE0-3AEA-1069-A2D8-08002B30309D}

In Win2000 and WinXP, the path to a user's Quick Launch folder is:
C:\Documents and Settings\[user]\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch\

Here's how to do it:

1. Have this document open/viewable in a text editor or your e-mail program. You'll be copying from it into the Clipboard in subsequent steps.
2. Copy path shown above into the Clipboard.
3. Paste the path onto the Run line.
4. Edit the Run line to replace [user] with the real user's name of the current login.
5. Press Enter. The Quick Launch folder should open.

6. Bring the document to the top and copy the folder name shown above into the Clipboard.

7. Bring the Quick Launch folder to the top and right-click on a clear spot inside the Quick Launch folder.

8. Point at New and then click on Folder.

9. Paste the Clipboard contents (the folder name) over 'New Folder' and press Enter.

10. At this point, you should see a My Computer Shortcut icon in the Quick Launch folder. You can 'X Out' of the Quick Launch folder and the program in which you're viewing this document.

11. Now resize and rearrange the contents of the Quick Launch bar on your Taskbar as needed. You may have to unlock the Taskbar to do this by right-clicking on Taskbar and unchecking 'Lock the Taskbar'. Once unlocked, grab the vertical 'handle' bar just to the right of the Quick Launch bar and drag it to the right. Now, using the mouse, you can rearrange the order of the Quick Launch bar icons by drag-n-drop technique. You definitely want the new My Computer shortcut to show.

12. Again, resize the length of the Quick Launch Bar (as described in step 11), so only the most important Shortcuts are showing. Once resized to your lining, lock the Taskbar.

Enjoy this useful enhancement to your system. Now you don't have to clear the Desktop to have access to your My Computer  Shortcut.