L'Objet d'Igor





First a little history. Recall that Mark Sigurski, a.k.a. Prince Igor, a.k.a. Marius Rex, a.k.a. Uncle Siggie, in an ill-conceived act of protest against the scope and purpose of the Class Perpetual Endowment Fund, wrote and submitted to Ed Weckel a personal check for $58,000 dated 3 June, 2058. Rather than seek Mark's prosecution through any of the several state attorneys general involved for attempting to pass a bogus instrument, Ed very cleverly seized upon an opportunity to turn a substantial profit for the fund by putting the check up for auction within the class. The bidding ultimately came down to two regimental syndicates battling it out for the honors, and Alan Salisbury offering to match the winning bid. Through the generous participation of many classmates, the fund raised well over $8,000 at auction. The winning syndicate subsequently framed the infamous check along with a photo of Mark doing what he does best, taken by Will Merrill on 5 June, 1958 in -- where else? -- Central Area.


To commemorate Mark's outstanding contribution, the Class created a one-time issuance of 58 limited edition prints of the framing. Many of these were personally autographed and embellished with Latin phraseology by Mark and sold at last October's San Antonio mini reunion for $20 apiece with all proceeds going to the endowment fund. There remain 22 of these prints to be sold, all signed by Mark and awaiting purchase at the San Francisco mini reunion by those of you who were unable to attend the mini last October. Paul Ruud will have the original framing and album on display and the prints will be on sale at registration and later in the Benny Haven's Room for the remainder of the reunion.


For those of you who would like to reserve a print in advance or have one mailed to you if you unable to attend the reunion, contact Paul Ruud at <pruud1@quiknet.com>. As was done earlier, each purchaser's name and print number will be registered, and all proceeds from the sale will go directly to the endowment fund. Purchasers will receive individual credit for contributing to the fund in the amount of $20.00 per print.


Stan Bacon