The Great Class of '58 proudly recognizes our classmate Mark Sigurski for the vital role he recently played in furthering the goals of the Class Perpetual Endowment Fund, to wit: his unwitting and ill-conceived protest of the fund's scope and objectives through his ill-advised submission to the fund of a personal check in the amount of $58,000, dated 4 June, 2058, resulted in the Fund having raised over $8,000 in contributions at auction of said check.


To commemorate Mark's outstanding contribution, the Class is offering a one-time issuance of 58 limited edition prints (see below) of the infamous check and a photo of Mark doing what he does best, taken by Will Merrill on 5 June, 1958, just one day short of 100 years prior to the date on the check.


The original framing, artistically entitled "L'Objet d'Igor" after the prince himself, will be prominently displayed at registration for the San Antonio Mini Reunion and displayed thereafter in the Benny Havens Room for the duration of the reunion. Thereupon, it will reside with a member of the winning syndicate until placed in auction at the next class reunion.


The 58 limited edition, suitable for framing, commemorative prints will be available and on sale at the registration desk for $19.58 plus a $.42 handling charge. Those purchasing a print may, if they wish, take it to the Menger Bar - the very one used by Teddy Roosevelt to recruit many proud Texans for his Rough Riders - where the Prince himself will autograph it during periods of consciousness and lucidity. Any failure on the part of the Prince to fully cooperate in this regard should be immediately reported directly to a member of the Executive Committee, which retains promotion authority over Prince Igor's much desired promotion to Marius Rex.


Each purchaser's name and print number will be registered, and all proceeds from the sale will go directly to the Endowment Fund. Purchasers will receive individual credit for contributing to the Fund in the amount of $20.00 per print.


Do not miss this one time opportunity to participate in this historical event of the Great Class of '58 by owning your very own treasured limited edition L'Objet d'Igor print.


L'Objet d'Igor