USMA 1958, Company I-2 45th Reunion Pictures

1. John and Nancy Abernathy, company party. Click Here
2. Audrey and Maria and Duff Manges, company party. Click Here
3. Manges and Audrey, company party. Grohs in background. Click Here
4. Dugans, Octoberfest. Click Here
5. Grohs, Oktoberfest. Click Here
6. Joe and Kathy Schwar, Oktoberfest. Click Here
7. I-2, Oktoberfest. Click Here
8. Palmer leading the Glee Club, Oktoberfest. Click Here
9. Palmer and Schwars, aboard ship. Click Here
10. Ceda and Grohs, aboard ship. Click Here

Pictures by Stan Bacon

USMA 1958 Mini & I-2 Micro Reunion 2004

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